Public Policy/Advocating for Hospice of the Western Reserve​

Why advocate for Hospice of the Western Reserve?

The United States is a democracy where every person has the right to take his or her case to legislators who help make laws and set policies. Advocacy is the process of actively supporting a cause that’s important to you.

Some people think that they can’t be good advocates because they don’t have special training or are not skilled in politics. That’s not true. Every person can make an impact. History is full of ordinary people like you who advocated for new laws that improved the lives of thousands of people.

People can advocate to:

•Tell their personal stories so elected officials can better understand how policies affect their constituents.

•Ask for specific law changes.

•Share ideas for new laws.

•Provide information.

•Show support for something that elected officials are fighting for.

•Help policymakers look at issues in new ways and from different perspectives.

Policymakers are people just like you, they often decide to run for office because they encountered a situation that made them say, “Something has to be done!”

The bottomline is that policymakers listen to their constituents. It’s up to constituents like you to share their opinions.

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