Specialized Care

Specialty care for patients with some chronic conditions can help alleviate symptoms, improve quality of life and decrease hospitalizations. With the help of medications, clinical support and other interventions offered by a trained staff, patients can benefit much earlier in their illness, beginning with palliative care through hospice care, if that is their choice.

Palliative care works with curative care, including aggressive treatment or hospitalization if the patient or the family desires. At Hospice of the Western Reserve, our palliative care team collaborates with patients, families, caregivers, referral sources and other healthcare professionals to provide holistic support for patients. We also offer support and direction for patients and families interested in advance care planning and ethical wills. If and when the patient is ready to receive hospice care, the transition is seamless.

our-services-specialized-veterans.jpgSpecialized services include those for patients who have been diagnosed with COPD, HIV/AIDS and progressive memory impairment illnesses regardless of cause. Our pediatric team serves pediatric palliative and hospice patients as well as perinatal patients. A team supports veterans in our care who have specific physical, emotional and psychosocial  needs.