HWR Phishing Test


This was a test conducted by the Information Systems team to safeguard our computer systems and provide additional training on email based threats.   You provided your username and password to an unauthorized site used to steal your credentials. Your action jeopardizes our organization and could result in fines to the agency for the loss of PHI (Protected health information).  Please review the information below on how to avoid email based threats. 
  • Do not respond to the initial email—especially if you are not expecting the e-mail and don’t know the sender.
  • Do a web search for the organization with which the email appears to be associated. Contact the organization directly using contact information on its website to verify the message.
  • NEVER provide personal or financial data, especially when it is requested by a stranger.
  • External message have the following disclaimer, “This is an EXTERNAL EMAIL. Stop and think before clicking a link or opening attachments.”
  • Do not engage in further communication. Your e-mail address can be used for more elaborate phishing schemes in the future. 
  • Watch out for messages with an urgent tone—like a promise of big money if you act NOW.
  • Check the reply to address.  There are times the “From” address will have a known name, but the email address to the right is a personal or unknown email address. 
  • Hover over links (DO NOT CLICK THEM) to see where the link will take you.  The text may say “Cleveland Clinic” but the hyperlink may be taking you elsewhere.
  • Don’t second-guess your instinct. If an offer sounds too good to be true, it’s probably a con.
  • Beware of messages riddled with misspelled words and poor grammar.
  • Use the Report Message button in Outlook to notify the IS Team of any suspicious messages.
  • If you did respond with any personal information, immediately contact the Help Desk at (216) 383-5271

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