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We asked you to share how your teams honor the patients and families you care for, and you've been sharing your unique memorials.

At Ames Family Hospice House, teams create a reflection room to honor their patients who have died and the hard work our staff does caring for them. Every three months they transform the Music Room into a memorial that lasts for three days so all shifts can visit and reflect. They refresh a printed list of all the patients they've served, play soothing music on a loop and light candles to create a reflective mood.

Teams take turns selecting a poem or other reading that speaks to their mission of caregiving, and they leave a memory book out for staff to share their thoughts. In recent months they've added a basket with cards written by family members in appreciation of the care that staff can read for acknowledgment of the powerful effect they have on the community.

Susan Lakin, who shared this story with us, said, "The room is there for staff to take a short break, breathe and be in touch with their feelings about their work at that moment in time, as well as remembering those they have cared for." The room, she added, has a "dual nature" because it "honors the patients, but just as importantly, the work we do and supports the staff who do it."

Let us know how your team celebrates, honors and remembers the patients you've served! Send photos and stories to communication@hospicewr.org.

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