April 2014

Grieving the Death of a Partner or Spouse

After your spouse or partner dies, you transition from being a couple to being alone. This loss can bring significant changes to your life and it can be difficult to function in a world that has suddenly become so different.
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April 21 2014

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10,000 Steps: You Can Do It

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The mission of Shape Up America! is to provide you with solid science-based information on weight management. Over the years, the Surgeon General has warned Americans about the hazards of cigarette smoking or a high cholesterol level in your blood. In 1996, the Surgeon General warned us that regardless of our age, we are just not active enough. You may wonder just how much activity would make the Surgeon General happy. Our purpose here is to clarify how much exercise is necessary to manage your weight and to introduce the 10,000 steps program.
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April 11 2014

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