Healing Grief Card Deck:  55 Practices to Find Peace by David Kessler 


“Grief is a miraculous gift which is given to us to help heal the pain of loss.” ~ David Kessler, grief expert, bestselling author, international speaker.
David Kessler’s 2016 work, Healing Grief Card Deck: 55 Practices to Find Peace provides an alternative to a traditional grief book. This collection contains 55 cards to help guide users on their grief journey.
The first card in the collection explains how to use the deck. Kessler, a grief expert and bestselling author, recommends choosing one card daily, preferably at the same time each day. This allows those grieving to move slowly and take time their identifying grief reactions. 
The rest of the deck is split into three sections: Your Response to Loss, Understanding Grief and Healing. Each section has 15-20 cards that contain grief education, tips on coping or affirmations. This is a powerful resource, which can be very therapeutic and help you to identify and express your feelings. 
Below are examples of cards from each section:
  • Your Response to Loss: “You don’t get over grief. You learn to live with it in your heart forever.”
  • Understanding Grief: “Grief is work, avoiding grief is even more work. Today, I will not run from the pain. I will allow the healing powers of grief to soften my feelings and mend my broken heart.”
  • Healing: “We can be hard on ourselves in grief. Today I will be gentle with myself.”