Grief Can Be Disorienting

BY: Diane Snyder Cowan, MA, MT-BC, CHPCA

CATEGORY: Grief and Loss

The early days of winter are here. In northern Ohio, we know that means more bitter cold, wind, ice, short days and long nights will come. For some, winter is the season for grieving. Grief can be just as harsh as winter. As layers of ice form on ponds and lakes, a layer of grief may freeze over you. You may feel immobilized and doubt that the spring thaw will ever come. For others, winter is a gift. You may feel that you have been given the time for reflection on your relationship with your loved one as well as lessons learned.

Have you ever been out walking in a blizzard or been caught off guard driving when a blowing snow suddenly appears? It can be scary. You cannot see. You feel disoriented. You are blinded by the snow and wind. However, if you keep moving or driving you will eventually come upon house lights in the distance welcoming you to safety.

Grief can be blinding too. You might feel disoriented, overwhelmed and scared. Although you may feel frozen within your emotions, know that "spring" will come. A thaw will eventually occur. And just as the ice will melt, the intense feelings of grief will subside.

Sometimes we need a little assistance with de-icing. Grief is not only harsh, it can be hard work. Support groups, friends, family, faith communities and professional counselors can all be helpful on your grief journey.

We continue to be here with comfort, hope and healing. 

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