December 2016

A Child's View: The Holiday Present Nobody Wants

​Have you ever been so excited to open up your beautifully wrapped holiday presents that you beg and beg your parents to let you open up one gift before you normally would? You only ask for one because you know the answer will be “no” to any more than that. You do everything you can to convince your parents to allow you to at least have a peek, shake it or size it up to the items on your wish list. Nonetheless, all your hard-fought efforts fall short and you are destined to wait until your family’s holiday gift exchange occurs.

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December 04 2016

Categories: Grief and Loss 

Book Review: The Empty Chair - Handling Grief on Holidays and Special Occasions

​Authors Susan J. Zonnebelt-Smeenge, a registered nurse and licensed clinical psychologist, and Robert C. DeVries, an ordained minister and seminary professor wrote this book specifically about grief and the holidays offering hope for bereaved individuals in need of support during these times. This book is intended for the newly bereaved however, it can be utilized regardless of time.

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December 03 2016

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