How One Sentence Can Provide Comfort and Care


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​What if all you had to do to ensure that Hospice of the Western Reserve continues its critical work for years to come is to write a simple sentence?
Sound impossible? Securing comfort and care for patients in their final days really is as simple as one sentence. By including a gift to Hospice of the Western Reserve in your will, you can provide for patients tomorrow without giving away any of your assets today.

Including Hospice of the Western Reserve in your will is a popular gift to give because it is:
• Affordable. The actual giving of your gift occurs after your lifetime, so your current income is not affected.
• Flexible. Until your will goes into effect, you are free to alter your plans or change your mind.
• Versatile. You can give a specific item, a set amount of money or a percentage of your estate. You can also make your gift contingent upon certain events.

Put it in Writing
If you are ready to include a gift to Hospice of the Western Reserve in your will, ask your attorney to add this suggested wording to your will:

I give to [Hospice of the Western Reserve], [Cleveland], [Ohio], (the sum of $_________ or _________ percent of the rest, residue and remainder of my estate) for its general purposes.

Every Gift Begins With An Important Question
How can I make a difference in the lives of others? If you have any questions about leaving a gift in your will to Hospice of the Western Reserve, please contact Laura J. Frye at 216.255.9066 or

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