February 2014

Baldwin Family Gift Benefits Ashtabula Community

Seventy new books, part of a generous gift from the local Baldwin family, are being donated to several Ashtabula County libraries. The new books will extend community accessibility and supplement the original Baldwin Library Collection, donated in 1999, which is housed at Hospice of the Western Reserve’s Ashtabula Office.
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February 13 2014

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Online Condolences: Do they Work for You?

The family cat died last week. I have often written about the death of a pet and how non-pet lovers often disenfranchise grief from the death of a cat or dog. More and more folks seem to accept that it wasn’t just a dog and acknowledge the role pets play in our lives.  What was quite remarkable to me was what occurred on my Facebook page.

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February 11 2014

Categories: Grief and Loss Diane Snyder-Cowan 

The Man Behind the Lens

George Weidinger donates his photographs to Hospice of the Western Reserve, but his personal story goes beyond a thousand words.

It was a mystery involving top-secret military work that lasted six decades, and a Mayfield Heights man was in the midst of it: Exactly what went on behind the fences of Fort Hunt in Fairfax County, VA, a secret military intelligence facility, that operated during World War II, was so confidential the outfit remained unknown until 1978.
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February 02 2014

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