“But I Can’t Draw!”

BY: Mollie Borgione, ATR-BC, PC

​Healing Arts Workshops are a Safe, Creative Space for Anyone

One of the assumptions people make about art therapy is that one must be good at drawing, painting or sculpting. Nothing could be further from the truth!

In art therapy, the process of creating art is more important than the resulting
product. There are no critiques or judgements made of the art. It’s all about what the artist learned in their experience of creating. Art therapy takes a holistic approach, as it is not only concerned with creativity, but also with the emotional, psychological, mental, physical and spiritual aspects of healing.

The Healing Arts art therapy workshops offered by Western Reserve Grief Services provide a safe, creative space in which feelings of grief and loss can be expressed through art. Many times, people who attend these workshops find it difficult to talk about the loss of their loved ones.

Healing Arts workshops facilitate a non-verbal space for the expression of feelings in four ways:



At the end of the workshop, participants are invited to talk about their creation as much or as little as is comfortable for them. Those who were reluctant to talk prior to making art sometimes find the art enables them to share more easily afterward. The art therapist and other participants sometimes notice things in the art the artist did not see. This sometimes helps them process their personal experience of grief at a deeper level.

Art projects are designed by the art therapist so that they are relatively easy to perform and participants usually take home a memorable and successful piece of art that brings alive memories of their loved ones. For most people, the biggest stumbling block in doing art therapy is the negative message they got in childhood about their art. If you can let that go and give yourself a chance, you will find art therapy to be very helpful with your grieving process.


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