Donor Advised Funds - Use This Tax-Wise Fund to Benefit Those We Serve


CATEGORY: Philanthropy

​A one-stop solution that simplifies your charitable giving, donor advised funds have experienced a recent surge in popularity. Here’s how you can turn these funds into a lasting legacy at Hospice of the Western Reserve.

1. Create the fund to manage your charitable contributions.
2. Contribute to your fund.
3. Qualify for a tax deduction for the current year when you itemize.
4. Decide now or later the charities you’d like to support.
5. Grow your fund through the investments made with your contribution.
6. Advise* your fund administrator which organizations should receive your support, including Hospice of the Western Reserve.

* You cannot direct distributions. You can only recommend distributions. The fund administrator has an obligation to deny grants that do not meet criteria established by law.

It’s easy to turn your donor advised fund into a lasting legacy at Hospice of the Western Reserve. Contact Laura J. Frye at to learn how.

Create Your Legacy
You can name Hospice of the Western Reserve as a beneficiary of your donor advised fund at the time you create the fund, or if you already have one, contact your fund administrator to complete a change form. You have the option of naming us the beneficiary of the entire account or a percentage. With a percentage, the remaining amount can be managed by your loved ones.

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