January 2016

Why Time Matters in Hospice

At the end of life, time is what matters most. Two recent news stories about the personal choices of celebrities illustrate this fact in an especially poignant way.

Joey Feek, a 40-year-old country singer who was tragically diagnosed with stage 4 of an aggressive form of cervical cancer, elected to end cancer treatments so she could spend meaningful time with her children, including a baby daughter, and husband in their own home.
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January 14 2016

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​Facing a New Year Without a Loved One

Welcoming in the New Year can be anything but welcoming when you are grieving. A new year raises questions about what the future holds and looking ahead can seem overwhelming.
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January 04 2016

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New Year Resolutions

Many people think about making resolutions in the New Year. Lose weight, eat better, exercise more and spend less are common examples of resolutions long forgotten by the first of February. For those grieving a death, resolutions may be the farthest thing from the mind. Perhaps your resolution might be adjusting to the absence of your loved one. Adjusting to the loss includes making meaning of the changes that have happened as a result of the death. Here are some considerations:

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January 01 2016

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