January 2017

Creating Art and Music: A Life-giving Blessing

​Mom was scared. Her disease was causing her to lose her autonomy. When you can no longer feed yourself, go to the bathroom alone or even raise a tissue to wipe tears from your eyes, having a say in your care matters. While she became trapped within her own body, Mom could still decide who she invited into her home. She welcomed Hospice of the Western Reserve into our family.

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January 18 2017

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Caring for My Father

​Three months ago, my father and mother came to Cleveland so Dad could receive a heart valve replacement. We were confident that after a short recovery at our home, he would be back at his home in Florida. While Dad was in the hospital, the world changed in a way we could not have imagined. A complication uncovered metastatic cancer engulfing his liver.

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January 18 2017

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Jennifer Martnick Honored Regionally and Nationally for Exemplary Work

​Jennifer Martnick, a Nurse Practitioner and Palliative Care Team Leader with Hospice of the Western Reserve’s Navigator program, is the recipient of the regional 2016 Superstar Award co-sponsored by Saint Luke’s Foundation and The Superstar Foundation. In addition, Martnick is one of only four recipients of a prestigious national Veronica Award. Veronica Award winners are selected from the pool of all local Superstar Award recipients from across the United States.

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January 17 2017

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Sign Up Now for Our Volunteer Education Series

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​Hospice of the Western Reserve is seeking volunteers to assist in private residences, nursing homes, assisted living communities, our three Hospice House locations, and hospital settings. 

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January 06 2017

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