Survival Tips for Coping with the Holidays

BY: Diane Snyder Cowan
CATEGORY: Grief and Loss

During the winter months, the short days and gray skies may be disheartening. Cloudy days frequently outnumber sunny days in our Cleveland winter. This lack of sunshine and light can add a depressive element to your grief. Turn on the lights! Talk to a friend or counselor. Remember that the seasons change and spring will come.

The holidays can be difficult during the first year of grief and subsequent year. The first year may seem surreal, but the reality that your loved one will no longer celebrate the holidays with you can take its toll the second and third year after the death. Please remember to take care of yourself and follow these holiday survival tips.
  • Plan ahead.
  • Do what you want, not what you feel you should do.
  • Surround yourself with those who are supportive and understanding.
  • Lower your expectations during the holiday season.
  • Allow someone else to do the baking, cooking and decorating this year.
  • If you go to an event, take your own car so that you can leave when you choose.
  • Shop using catalogs or the Internet.
  • It is okay not to shop at all this year!

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