July 2012

The Impact of Grief in the Workplace

As the baby boomers age, so does the average age of the workforce. This increases the likelihood that we, as employees, are caregiving and subsequently grieving the death of a loved one.  In addition, we may experience the death of a co-worker. According in the American Hospice Foundation, at any given time, 25 percent of the workforce is grieving a loss. Just because one might take 3 days of bereavement, it doesn’t mean the grief process is complete. Grief is on-going and can sneak up uninvited at unexpected times.
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July 17 2012

The Special Days of Grief

Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and other special days can all be grief triggers. This past Father’s Day it seemed as if there were countless advertisements and media displays about dads. I am certain there were just as many last year but as this was this first Father’s Day post dad’s death, I was hypersensitive.
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July 03 2012

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