Q&A with Roslyn Pritchard, CHPNA


Name/Title: Roslyn Pritchard, CHPNA

Location: Warrensville Heights Home Care Team

Years at HWR: 8

What made you want to work at HWR?
I did my research and liked the fact that we are a non-profit. Our work is focused on supporting people and the community.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
When I think of my work with hospice, I equate it to traveling the world. Every day I meet people from different walks of life, cultures, backgrounds and religions. It’s amazing.

How would you describe the work environment at HWR?
Like a family. My supervisors have always made time for me and we communicate as a team regularly. There is a lot of understanding and work life balance. Just an overall great place to work.

How is HWR leading the way in patient satisfaction?
By providing ongoing education to employees, promoting openness and venturing down new avenues in innovation. The people who make up our agency can offer a variety of expertise to our patients and their loved ones, including our talented volunteers. Hospice of the Western Reserve has it all covered.

What are common misconceptions you see about hospice care in general?
That they are sending their loved one here to die. That is where the education component of our job is so important. It’s not about dying, it’s about comfort, care, honoring the patient’s wishes and supporting their loved ones.

Describe one of the most profound moments you have experienced during your time with HWR:
That would be my very first patient. He was so accepting of the end of life. He taught me that there wasn’t anything to be afraid of, to make peace with yourself and the understanding that we aren’t meant to be here forever. His lessons have helped me understand my own mortality and to cope with the death of my loved ones.

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