Book Review: Stunned By Grief: Remapping Your Life

BY: Joan Tabaj

CATEGORY: Grief and Loss

Stunned By Grief: Remapping Your Life​
When Loss Changes Everything
By Judy Brizendine

"Stunned by Grief: Remapping Your Life When Loss Changes Everything" is a faith-based account of the author's journey through grief. Judy Brizendine begins with the sharing of her own story–the unexpected death of her young husband.

Divided into four sections, the book is written in a conversational form. Each chapter ends with "Hope thoughts," and "Thoughts to write about." These sections offer the reader an opportunity to write their own personal ideas and reflections.

The author shares her own personal journal accounts and includes inspirational quotes by other contributors to encourage the reader to explore opportunities they may encounter within their own grief journey.

The concept of "remapping" is described as a "term to illustrate the entire process of moving full circle from loss to expectantly living again." The author includes interactive exercises to further illustrate this concept.

Included in the last section of the book are thoughts and writings of other "Grief Travelers," offering encouragement and hope to the reader. "Stunned by Grief " is a realistic, practical resource for finding information on coping with grief.

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