A Child's View: Blooming and Growing in Your Grief

CATEGORY: Grief and Loss

​School is out and it is time to play! Everything that was planted in the spring is beginning to bloom. The weather is nice and it's time to relax and have fun! However, for some of you this may be your first summer without your loved one and you're not having that much fun. You no longer have the daily routine of school to keep you busy and you find yourself spending more time thinking about your loved one who has died, and that's okay. To remember your special person, there are a lot of fun activities you can do by yourself, with a friend or a family member.

Things to try:
  • Dig in the dirt or play in the sand at the beach.
  •  Write a message to your loved one; tie it to a balloon and release it in the sky. 
  •  Make a memorial garden square in memory of your special person; you can outline your loved one's name or initials, and date of birth, with rocks, stones or marbles to represent what they meant to you.
  • Go to the cemetery to visit the grave site of your special person.
  • Read, Read, Read…
  • Float a flower in a pond, lake or stream in your loved one's memory.
  • Watch a funny movie.
  • Decorate a t-shirt that symbolizes the special moments you shared with your special person.
  • Take an energetic walk or ride your bike to release energy.
Grieving is hard and every day is different. Give yourself time to heal and remember the times you shared with your loved one. The memories you have of them will bring you warmth and comfort like the summer breeze. Grief is like the summer season. Most days are bright and sunny but occasionally we have days that are dark and gloomy. Remember to talk about your sad and gloomy feelings with a trusted adult or friend. It is okay to cry and feel those "big feelings" of grief but like summer you will have sunny days again!

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