Endowments: A Meaningful Gift for the Person Who Has Everything

During life’s important moments—birthdays, anniversaries, graduations - special people deserve equally special gifts. Endowments and memorials are unique gifts that last a lifetime and far beyond.

Endowment Fund Basics

You can fund an endowment using cash, securities or other assets. You establish and fund the endowment, and each year a portion of the income is used. The balance is invested for the future and the fund is intended to last in perpetuity.

Specifying Your Purpose 

When you establish an endowment, the gift can be used for a specific purpose or to meet general needs. From our standpoint, an unrestricted gift is often the most beneficial because we can apply the funds to our most urgent needs. However, we also realize that you might want to use your gift for a particular activity. If your expressed purpose is feasible and the fund is adequate, we can fulfill your intent. We urge you to consult us in advance to discuss your specific goals. Along those same lines, upon request, we can identify some of our most critical needs for your consideration. We are happy to work with you to determine the ideal goal and identify the resources needed to reach that goal.

Where the Name Appears 

Your gift can be recognized in several ways. For instance, your name or the name of your loved one might be printed in a report or inscribed on a plaque. For a sizable gift, the honored name might be placed on a room, a wing or even a building. We will determine the appropriate form of recognition based on your wishes, our circumstances and the purpose of the gift.

Contact Laura J. Frye at 216.255.9066 or lfrye@hospicewr.org for more
information about how you can create an endowment at Hospice of the
Western Reserve to honor someone special.

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