March 2012

Death of a Child Due to Trauma

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​There are distinct differences between trauma and grief. When a child dies due to a tragedy or traumatic event, the whole community mourns. Some children are directly impacted. They may have witnessed the event or have known the deceased. Some are indirectly impacted. They heard about it at school, saw it on the news and can see that their parents are visibly upset.
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March 29 2012

Categories: Grief and Loss Diane Snyder-Cowan 

Knowing a Senior’s Goals and Values Makes Health Decisions Easier

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​Your elderly mother has severe Parkinson’s disease. She has trouble walking on her own and sometimes need help with eating and dressing herself.

A recent visit to their doctor resulted in a diagnosis of stage IV colon cancer. The doctor recommends surgery to remove the tumor from her colon and surrounding organs as well as chemotherapy.
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March 19 2012

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