Brighten A Patient's Day: Donate An Animal from Our Zoo

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​For a $50 donation in addition to your registration fee for the 2020 Walk to Remember Fundraiser, Hospice of the Western Reserve will provide one of our adorable Comfort Buddies by Warmies® to a patient. Comfort Buddies are used to provide reassurance and meaning to a variety of patients, from pediatrics to dementia care. We’ve found that Comfort Buddies improve patient experience by reducing agitation and restlessness and provide an overall sense of wellbeing.

Bring Home a Little Buddy: Purchase your own Junior Comfort Buddy for an additional $25 donation. You can pick up your buddy at the Walk to Remember.

Donate a Comfort Buddy or purchase your own here.


Comfort Buddies in Action

“Our patient was very restless and agitated the majority of her days. As a method of managing the patient's anxiety we provided a Comfort Buddy. The patient held it at her side often while in her bed or wheelchair, even nicknaming it. It seemed to assist with the management of her nervousness and gave caregivers a method of starting conversation. Her family was so impressed with the effects of the Comfort Buddy that they insisted it be taken with her when she passed away. I was very happy that we had the Comfort Buddy to assist with patient care.”
-Bonnie Marsh, RN, Hospice of the Western Reserve

“Many of our cancer patients use the animals after heating in the microwave to use as a calming heating pad. We also keep a Comfort Buddy in the bereavement room so it is available for those grieving to have additional support. The amount of calmness and joy they provide is remarkable.”
-Cathy Westcott, RN, CHPN, CHPCA Community Facility Coordinator, Hospice of the Western Reserve

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