May 2012

Grief and the Handkerchief: Feeling the Deceased Presence

April was a difficult month for me in my grief journey. It’s been five months since my dad passed away, but I’ve been too busy to really let my guard down and feel my feelings. And so when April arrived with my wedding anniversary and holidays, my dad’s absence was palpable. Then suddenly, my parents’ winter home sold after being on the market for two years. Did my dad have something to do with that? I’m not sure, but I was elected to go pack up. I thought this would be a memorable experience with my mom, but at the very last moment something unexpected happened and she couldn’t travel.
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May 29 2012

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Dating After the Death of a Spouse

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There is huge upheaval after the death of a spouse.  Spouses who were only married for a few years grieve not only the death of the person, but the loss of a future. Those married many years, mourn the death and a shared past. Your spouse may have been your best friend and your primary source of comfort, support and companionship.
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May 15 2012

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Grief and Autism Spectrum Disorder

Just as each person with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is unique, their grief is unique. Recognizing that children with ASD do indeed grieve and being sensitive to how that grief is displayed can be beneficial in helping manage their reactions.
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May 10 2012

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