May 2014

Do Toddlers & Pre-schoolers Grieve? They Sure Do

Like adults, children will grieve in their own unique way. There is a wide variability in the understanding of death at a young age. Accepted developmental and grief responses of 3-5 year old children include a lack of time/space concepts, belief of death as temporary and reversible, magical thinking, fear of abandonment, and a need for physical comfort, reassurance and a stable routine.
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May 19 2014

Three Daughters Grateful for “Circle of Comfort” in their Mom’s Home

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Dear Hospice of the Western Reserve Staff,

Our Mom, Mary Buckner, was so fortunate to spend her final days in her own home under your care. We cannot say enough about what that meant to us, and, on some level, the comfort she herself probably experienced as a result of being able to die in her home in her own bed. It was especially meaningful to the three of us, her daughters.
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May 01 2014

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