Three Daughters Grateful for “Circle of Comfort” in their Mom’s Home

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​The following letter was submitted and published in the Spring 2014 issue of Journey

Dear Hospice of the Western Reserve Staff,

Our Mom, Mary Buckner, was so fortunate to spend her final days in her own home under your care. We cannot say enough about what that meant to us, and, on some level, the comfort she herself probably experienced as a result of being able to die in her home in her own bed. It was especially meaningful to the three of us, her daughters.

Prior to her cerebral bleed, she was in assisted living due to falling and breaking her leg. We knew that we were going to have to tell her in the near future that we couldn’t let her go back home. Even if the leg healed, her balance when walking was poor, making her unsafe. But ultimately, we did get to allow her to go home because hospice made it safe for us to do so.

Within less than a day after her hospital admission, your nurse, Kevin, was meeting with us. He immediately set about getting everything set for Mom to go home. Mom was home that night by 10:00 p.m. The on-call nurse, Crystal, was at her home from 11:00 p.m. to midnight, making sure that her transition home had gone well, and that we understood what we could do to maintain her comfort measures.

The next morning, her team, Renee and Shayla, arrived and addressed both her needs and ours. We three daughters had the opportunity to be in the comfort of our family home while we each spent many private moments with her in the five days she remained with us. We made four night phone calls to hospice for guidance over those days. We never hesitated to call as it was made clear that hospice care was 24 hours. Our calls were always met with the utmost professional and caring responses from the woman who answered our calls in the middle of the night to the on-call nurses.

One of the on-call nurses, Joanne, who answered two of our calls, addressed our questions with clarity and provided the knowledgeable answers we needed. It was she who decided a nurse should visit for more focused assessment in the early morning hours of the day Mom died. Dawn arrived and got the order for increased medication she felt Mom needed. In sharing the results of her assessment, her prediction, that more than likely, that day would be Mom’s last, gave us the time to say our final goodbyes and for all be present when she died.

Your home health aide, Carolyn, called while Mom was clearly near death to let us know she was coming for her planned visit. She assured us it was still appropriate for her to come, as she could provide personal care that we knew would enhance Mom’s dignity as she passed on. She also told us she would make sure that Renee and Shayla were on their way. Renee pronounced Mom in her own home and made all the necessary phone calls that allowed us to be focused on Mom and to be present for each other at that time. Renee, Shayla and Carolyn created a circle of comfort for which we are most grateful.

We designated Hospice of the Western Reserve as our choice for memorial gifts in Mom’s name. You can be sure that we are enthusiastic advocates of hospice care who will continue to spread the word about the amazing work you do in carrying out your mission of allowing people to die with dignity in their own homes.


Genny O’Brien
Kathy Polito
Beverly Dadante

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