Book Review: Understanding Your Grief Ten Essential Touchstones for Finding Hope and Healing Your He


BY: JoDee Coulter, MT-BC, CT

CATEGORY: Grief and Loss

“You will learn over time that the pain of your grief will keep trying to get your attention until you have the courage to gently, and in small doses, open to its presence.”

Often while walking through the challenges of grief and loss we feel alone, confused and anxious. Sometimes, we even feel like we are going crazy. Dr. Wolfelt breaks down “10 touchstones” of grief and helps make normal everything you think is NOT normal while you are grieving.

This easy-to-read book focuses on topics such as: dispelling misconceptions of grief, exploring your feelings of loss, nurturing yourself, the six needs of mourning and even what to look for in a group or counselor.

Unfortunately, there is no road map for what “should” be happening in your grief since everyone grieves differently. But Dr. Wolfelt enlightens and encourages you to become more familiar with what you may experience in your time of mourning. 

Whether your loss is recent or not, this book can bring a sense of reassurance and comfort to you as well as those who are supporting you. If you would like to take the extra step, there is also a journal to use as you work through the 10 touchstones.

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