A Child's View


Hi, kids. Summer is here, school’s out and your routine is about to change. Hopefully you can spend more time outside without coats, boots and mittens. You may feel “lighter” in your summer shorts and sandals, but your heart may be heavy as you miss your special person and remember good times you used to enjoy together. On days when you are thinking about your loved one, find ways to include your feelings in your play. Blow bubbles up to your special person and make wishes, or fly a kite with some memories written on the tail. If you’re angry or frustrated, write or draw those feelings on the ground with sidewalk chalk then say them out loud as you throw water balloons at that space (make sure to clean up the balloon pieces afterward!). Paint some rocks in colors that remind you of your special person and make a memory rock garden. On a day you feel “yucky,” create a sculpture out of cartons and cans to recognize that some days are just “garbage.”  

It’s hard to think that life will never be the way it was before you lost your special person. You have noticed that other people in your family have changed too, and you may miss the way your family used to be. On difficult days, find an adult or a friend you can talk to, or try writing or drawing about your feelings in a scrapbook. There will be times when you do feel “lighter,” and can really enjoy the summer. That is normal. Your loved one would be happy to know you are able to shed some of the heavy, sad feelings and let more sunshine into your life.

Check out these bubble recipes and look for more ideas at http://www.tooter4kids.com/Bubbles/Activities_Recipes.htm.


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