October 1, 2014, my Father died at the age of 50 after a 10-month battle with cancer. On April 18, 2017, I released a music album I created entitled, OK Boss,
about this journey. OK Boss is a thematic record written to chronicle the experience of losing my father. Anyone who has gone through this battle with
a loved one knows the incredible amount of emotions you experience - the rise and the fall, the hope and the misery, short days and long nights.

OK Boss was the last text message Dad sent me before he passed away. It was his response after I let him know my fiancee´ (now my wife), and I had just
finished signing the papers to purchase our first house. He was so excited about the entire process, following it through text messages. I had also let him know we would be up to see him that evening at David Simpson Hospice House.

Dad and I had not been close for nearly ten years prior to his diagnosis of cancer - a result of a large tumor in his neck that he neglected to seek care for.
Due to his own personal battle with alcoholism, we mostly lost touch and resorted to catching up briefly on holidays during my adult life. I had provided him with an ultimatum due to his drinking and we both stuck to our guns - two
stubborn men!

After his stage 4 diagnosis, he immediately began treatment through both radiation and chemotherapy. Family members - myself included - were invested in providing as much help as we could. Hospice of the Western
Reserve provided us with the gift of time together, and the opportunity
to reconcile our differences and become best friends.


During his fight to live, Dad expressed his pride in my accomplishments and
his love, finally letting me understand who he really was. Those ten months he battled were the best months my father and I had. After signing the papers to purchase our home, I arrived for a visit, but Dad was asleep in his hospice room overlooking the lake and too weak to wake up. He passed away the next day, holding the hands of both his children, surrounded by loved
ones as his favorite movie, Top Gun, finished playing.

OK Boss is as much for me as it is for him. It was written and engineered in my personal studio as a project of passion. The music is comparable to a cinematic soundtrack, combining orchestral composition, analog synthesizers
and pure vocals to help share my personal story.

Since the release of the record and the music video for the song “Goodbye,” we have been able to raise over $3,000 for the Hospice of Western Reserve. The record release party and fundraiser held at SOL, a Latin-American inspired tapas restaurant in downtown Willoughby, had nearly 100 guests and raised over $2,000 on its own. The story behind my record has also been shared in Scene magazine, on Cleveland.com and on Channel 19 News.


You do not recover from losing a parent. You can only reflect, learn,
love and push forward. This record is a time capsule of my experience,
for the good and for the bad. It is an avenue for my emotions, anger,confusion, joy and appreciation. If you've lost someone, I hope this helps you feel something.