October 2011

Journaling and Grief

Many people find journaling and other forms of writing to be helpful for healing. Journals can store our innermost thoughts and feelings and provide a healthy release of emotions. Journaling provides the bereaved time to attend to their grief and a way of identifying and processing though grief reactions. While the inner world of grief feels chaotic, journaling helps add structure for clarifying our experiences.
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October 24 2011

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Grief: Is it Okay to Feel Relief after a Loved One Dies?

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With our aging population, there are many of us who are grieving the slow dying of our elderly parents.  More and more of my fellow baby boomers are becoming part-time caregivers when our parents become less and less able to care for themselves. For some adults, this can be extreme, for others it is less so. It becomes routine for us to consider our parents’ needs before making plans. We make certain that they have food in the house and clean clothing.  We manage their finances and make sure prescriptions are filled and taken appropriately.  Juggling everything can be pretty complicated, but we do it because we love our parents and appreciate how they cared for us when we were children.
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October 11 2011

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If You’ve Lost a Child, There is No Need to Grieve in Silence

October is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month. This is a time to promote support, education and awareness about this difficult topic. Too many families grieve in silence. Parents, grandparents, siblings, relatives often deeply mourn these deaths, but society often disenfranchises their grief. Well-intentioned phrases from others can be hurtful. At least you have two other children. You can always get pregnant again.
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October 03 2011

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