October 2013

Give Yourself Permission to Grieve

Early in their journey through grief, most people will experience varying degrees of numbness. Commonly, within four to seven months following the death of a loved one, the numbness begins to lift and emotions flood in. Relief, sorrow, anger, guilt, loneliness and regret may emerge. Unfortunately, at the time when one begins to feel engulfed in confusing and powerful emotions, friends and family may urge: "It's been weeks or months, aren't you over it yet? Time to pull yourself together and get on with your life." Comments like these imply that unless they jump back into life fairly soon after the death, something is wrong. Many bereaved people are angered and shocked that others could be so insensitive to their physical, emotional and social upheaval after the death of their loved one.
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October 31 2013

Categories: Grief and Loss About Grief Diana Battles LISW, ACHP-SW 

The Masks of Grief

This is a good time of year to talk about the masks of grief. Earlier and earlier, stores, television and the radio market Halloween. Decorations, candy, costumes and masks are everywhere. And masks are a great metaphor for the bereaved.

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October 15 2013

Categories: Grief and Loss Diane Snyder-Cowan 

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