Book Review: Men Facing Grief

BY: Lisa Florjancic

CATEGORY: Grief and Loss

When A Man Faces Grief: 12 Practical Ideas to Help You Heal from Loss
By Thomas R. Golden and James E. Miller

A Man You Know Is Grieving: 12 Ideas for Helping Him Heal from Loss
By James E. Miller and Thomas R. Golden

This uniquely styled book is two books in one. 
  • When a Man Faces Grief acknowledges that there is a difference between the way men and women handle the process of grieving the loss of a loved one. This portion describes the characteristics of masculine grief through twelve short chapters and prompts the bereaved man to "identify your own path through grief."  The authors also explain that masculine characteristics of grief are manifested by women, and similarly, men do adopt feminine characteristics in their healing process.
  • A Man You Know is Grieving is intended for someone who wants to offer support to a man who has had a loss. It identifies different styles of masculine grief and helps the reader to understand the grief process. Twelve important points are covered in separate chapters.

Both of the books contain solid and useful information. At the end of each one, an "In Summary" chapter offers bullet point reminders of the information given. Each book concludes with the advice, "Remember: there is a masculine style of grieving that deserves to be validated."

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