A Child's View: Pets Help

BY: Lesley Dials, LISW

CATEGORY: Grief and Loss

Dear Kids,

There may be times after the death of your special person that you feel alone. Perhaps your loved one was someone you would talk to when you were sad or upset. It is important to express your thoughts and feelings during your grief and it is helpful to talk about your memories of your special person. It can be scary at first, but family members and friends are great people to talk to. Animals will also listen to you.
During our Riding Through Grief horse camp, kids talked to horses about their difficult thoughts, feelings and memories of their special person. The horses at Fieldstone Farm TRC were great listeners. They did not judge what was said to
them. The horses stood beside the kids, walked with them and carried them while the kids talked to them.

 Sharing your thoughts, feelings and memories with a pet dog, cat, guinea pig, bird, fish or horse can be helpful when you are missing the person who died. You may find it beneficial just being in the presence of your pet while thinking of your special person.

Don't be afraid to talk to others. There are family members, friends and animals around you, ready to listen.

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