September 2015

When Two Loved Ones Die Days Apart

​Recently, I heard of several stories of two members of the same family dying within days or weeks of each other. At the beginning of the summer my mother’s longtime friend of 47 years died the night of her husband’s funeral. The friend was unable to attend the funeral as she was in the ICU herself. During the funeral my mother sat holding hands with two girlfriends who made up their foursome. As children, we referred to them as the “couples club.” At the Shiva call, my mother noticed pictures of herself as a bridesmaid at her friend’s wedding. It was heart wrenching listening to the daughters first eulogize their father and then two days later, their mother.
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September 25 2015

Feelings Children Experience After a Suicide

This post is about suicide – specifically explaining the suicide of a loved one to a child. Suicide is a difficult topic to speak about. It’s hard for adults to understand and difficult to explain to children. Children can cope better with difficult topics and feelings when they are able to talk openly about them.
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September 10 2015

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