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Grief in the Time of Coronavirus

​Grief is a common theme in this time of the coronavirus pandemic. The truth is, we are all grieving the loss of our normal routine, limited social contact, increased fear and anxiety, increased awareness of our mortality and a general sense of uncertainty about what the future holds. The impact of this widespread grief is more intense for individuals who are grieving a death during this time.
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August 17 2020

Categories: Grief and Loss Margaret D. Bossaller, MA, MSW, LSW 

Could This Be Grief?

Grief impacts people in every aspect of their lives. We feel the effects of grief emotionally, physically, cognitively, behaviorally, spiritually and socially. But it can be easy to forget the impact of grief as time passes and the demands of life require us to shift our attention. This is especially true when grief crops up in areas we might not associate with the person who died. For example, we might not connect irritability with traffic and other drivers on our daily commute to the grief we feel after a parent or spouse has died. Or we might fail to recognize that we find ourselves getting more anxious when we go out of town, because we have been so accustomed to needing to be available to provide care for the person who died.
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August 19 2019

Categories: Grief and Loss About Grief Margaret D. Bossaller, MA, MSW, LSW 

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