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Why It's OK To Say, "I'm Still Grieving"

​There is a list of myths about how grief and loss impact children long-term. When asked in a classroom, “Are children permanently scarred by death?” most students provide a resounding “no” in response. This is often presented in a question about what some big differences might be if an adult’s mom or dad died, or if a child’s mom or dad died. They are often quick with answers about how their parent would miss proms, graduations, senior nights, weddings and births of their own children. They are able to paint a picture of how a loss impacts us differently as our lives go on and learn early that this does not mean that they have not dealt with the loss in a healthy way. 

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November 16 2018

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Rearranging from the Outside In

​This season is traditionally marked as the season of new beginnings, fresh starts and commitment to our resolutions and goals.

For those who are grieving, the relief of having survived the holidays may have worn off. They are looking at spring and questioning “now what?” During the first year of grief try to avoid big life-changing decisions. You may not have the energy to look beyond the end of today.
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February 04 2016

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Book Review: Sorry for Your Loss

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King gathers the information from her experience as well as from others who have lived with losses. She describes those things that people who are grieving often think but feel they cannot say. And she describes the efforts made to provide comfort which have helped, as well as those which have hurt.
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June 21 2014

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