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Skating through Grief: An Olympian’s Choice

Joannie Rochette, bronze medalist in the 2010 Winter Olympics for Canada skated through her grief. Two days before the short program, Rochette’s mother died suddenly of a heart attack, just hours after arriving in Vancouver to watch her daughter skate. Rochette chose to continue competing in her mother’s honor. In the Olympic short program, Rochette recorded a personal best, the third highest score of the night. Two days later, she held on to her third place position after the long program and won the bronze medal.
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July 01 2011

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A Child's View: Memories and the Holidays

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The holiday season has begun. You're looking forward to time off from school and doing some of your favorite winter activities. But this year life is different: your special person has died and isn't here with you. Often this season includes exchanging gifts. You may be hoping for a specific gift or thinking about what to give a family member. You may have already wrapped a gift for your special person who is no longer here to open it.
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December 21 2010

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Laughing Her Way Through Life

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​"A smile is a curve that sets everything straight." This quote may have been made famous by comedienne Phyllis Diller, but one of her writers, Jeanne Opalach has lived by this motto her entire life. Jeanne, a Hospice of the Western Reserve patient with Dementia, recently shared her life stories as a collection of moments and challenges we all have to face. She embraced those moments with a lot of smiles, love and laughter. 
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December 10 2010

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Supporting the Grieving Adolescent

Understanding adolescents can be a challenge and supporting grieving adolescents can be difficult. The feelings of grief may be intense and changeable. A grieving adolescent may be fearful of these feelings. It is common for a grieving adolescent to experience a certain amount of decreased ability to motivate themselves or concentrate for long periods of time. This can make school work challenging.
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July 20 2010

Grief and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

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​The impact of grief is very real for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Unfortunately, not much attention has been given to the bereavement needs of these individuals or other people with special needs.
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July 07 2010

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