When Gwen met Lewis, she wasn’t interested in marriage. Her life was blessedly full of friends and family. She had a fulfilling career as a social worker and volunteer work she loved. Then Lew came along and he filled an empty space in her heart that she didn’t even know existed.

Eight years into their marriage, Lew began to forget things. Just little things at first, but it didn’t take long for the couple to realize something was wrong. He was diagnosed with early onset Dementia at the age of 53 and their whole world changed in an instant.


Lew has been a patient of Hospice of the Western Reserve for more than a year. Although his condition has prog​ressed to the point that he is housebound, Gwen would not give up a moment of the time she spent taking care of him. She is still his world and he is still hers.

Our circle ​​of care encompasses Gwen as well as Lewis. Their hospice care team supports both of them in dozens of ways--medically, emotionally and spiritually. Lew can stay in the family home, surrounded by familiar faces and things while being cared for by the wife who loves him. For Gwen, the support of the hospice care team means she can remain a wife while being a 24/7 caregiver.

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