Social media is a powerful tool – especially for fundraising. We've created a quick, easy effective way for you to raise money with a 10-second video:

  • Walkers and/or Teams: Take a 6-12 second iPhone or smartphone video (taken sideways) saying who you are and who you are walking for.
  • Ideally, the video would be to the effect of "We're Team Johnson, and this year we're walking for Aunt Susie at the June 12 Walk to Remember." Make the video fun, original and the park, downtown, making cookies, washing the car or even on horseback.
  • Post the video to your personal Facebook page and be sure to add the link to your personal page. In the accompanying post, ask people to join your team or make a donation.
  • The video can also be added to your individual Walk page (see this example). On your Participant Center on the right hand side, click on "photos/videos." Select "video" and add the YouTube link. A account is required. Want to use ours? Contact or 216-296-2530, and we'll add it to our account and send you your own link.

Tips to creating and sharing your video:

  1. Creativity and originality count! The video will begin playing automatically when a person is on your Facebook page, so the livelier the better.
  2. Include something such as: "Can't join me/us on June 12? Please consider a donation of [$5, $10, $20, etc.]. Simply follow the link for a quick and easy donation." People are willing to make small donations if they can't attend, especially if  your video is creative enough.
  3. Ask others to share the video and re-post it. If it's catchy enough, people will organically share it, and in turn, you will raise more donations.
  4. Tweet it out. Twitter now allows for video. If it's super long, use a shortener or let Twitter shorten it for you. Tag #hospicewr and #hospicewalktoremember and we'll retweet it to our followers.
  5. Want to make a second one? Why not! Consider posting a fresh video every week and link it to your fundraising page.